Poly Count Sheet
Bag Count 21lb. - 1
Width Gusset Length Gauge Wt/Roll Lbs/ M ft Ft/roll Bags/roll

Have you ever wondered if the poly bags you are buying really have the right amount of bags on each roll? Have you been buying  poly bags without the gauge and number of bags printed on the box label? Have you ever considered what your per bag cost is?

We offer a wide range of sizes and gauges and weights in stock all the time.

To use the chart above, simply enter the weight, length and gauge of the bags you are looking for and the computer will tell you how many bags you will get. By doing this you can select a stock size in different weights with the same bag count. As an example, if you use a thinner gauge, you can buy a 17 lb roll that has the same bag count as a 21lb roll  but will be cheaper because the roll has less pounds on it.

If you would like a sample of different gauges of plastic, just call the office, tell us what you are looking for and we will have it sent right out to you.